1. Code and program title

          In Thai:           หลักสูตรพยาบาลศาสตรบัณฑิต

          In English:       Bachelor of Nursing Science Program

  1. Degree offered

          In Thai:           (ชื่อเต็ม) พยาบาลศาสตรบัณฑิต

          In Thai:           (ชื่อย่อ) พย.บ.

          In English:       (Full Name) Bachelor of Nursing Science

          In English:       (Abbreviation) B.N.S.

  1. Total credits required

          No less than 180 credits of courses

  1. Program characteristics

         4.1 Degree level:  Bachelor’s degree (four-year program) based on the Undergraduate Qualification Standard of Nursing Science B.E.2552 and the Undergraduate Curriculum Standard Criteria B.E.2558

         4.2 Type of the program:       Professional undergraduate program

         4.3 Language recruitment:     Thai

         4.4 Admission: Thai students with skills of speaking, reading, and writing in Thai language        

         4.5 Collaboration with other institutions: Exclusive program drawn up by Suranaree University of Technology

         4.6 Degree offered:    one degree (Bachelor of Nursing Science Program)


  1.  Philosophy and rationale of the program

          Institute of Nursing, Suranaree University of Technology believes in people’s ability of lifelong learning.  Learning process not only builds learners’ consciousness in liberty, equality, and dignity but also encourages learners to apply arts and culture, regional and Thai folk wisdom, and universal knowledge to acquire work competence, self-sufficiency, creativity, self-learning, and personal mastery skills for continual personal development.

          People seek healthiness in order to have no diseases and/or disorders and live happy lives.  In this regard, nursing is considered as one healthcare way provided for people of all ages, from birth to death, and all levels from individual to family and community.  Nursing applies health promotion, disease promotion, health rehabilitation, and healthcare principles as well as integrate nursing related knowledge with evidence-based practice, morality, and professional ethics to increase to the maximum people’ healthiness, security, and happiness in living.

          Suranaree University of Technology develops the philosophy of instructing students to possess four key factors of knowledge i.e. Humanware, Orgaware, Inforware, and Technoware.  The institute aims to foster students in acquiring work experience.  SUT has the uniqueness of being “University of Innovation” and the identity, “Science and Technology Graduates with Knowledge, Moral Ethos, Wisdom, and Dignity”.

          Institute of Nursing believes that integrating the four factors of knowledge by referring to SUT educational philosophy and applying the student-centered learning principle will make graduated nursing students be competent with technological skill, competence, virtue, morality, ethics of nursing profession, and nursing professionalism.  Graduated nursing students with nursing professionalism will develop service mind and skill in providing nursing and midwifery service to individual, family, and community in order to continually promote healthiness, medical treatment, health rehabilitation, and palliative care.  The service will be mainly based on safety principle, patient’s rights, and nursing service standard.  The graduated nursing students will provide service by using evidence-based principle, having cultural sensitivity, applying research process in seeking knowledge, and inventing or applying nursing technology and innovation.  In addition, the students will have teamwork principle, communication skill in both Thai and foreign languages, knowledge mastery, and apply knowledge in developing themselves and profession of nursing science.  The students will also strictly abide by laws, have love of nation, religion and king, conserve fine arts and culture as well as traditions of the country, and possess all eight aspects of performance as indicated by Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council and characteristics conforming to the identity of SUT graduated nursing students which is “Technology Nursing Graduates with Knowledge, Moral Ethos, Wisdom, and Dignity”.  Institute of Nursing operates curriculum management mechanism to achieve outcomes according to the following mission, vision, uniqueness, and identity:

          Vision:           “Excellent Academic Institute in Nursing Science Providing Healthiness to the Public to Become the Health Sustainable Society”

          Uniqueness:    “Institute of Innovation”

          Identity:         “Technology Nursing Graduates with Knowledge, Moral Ethos, Wisdom, and Dignity”

  1. Program objectives

          The program objectives are drawn up by referring to the following standard criteria and information:

          – nursing competence set by the Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council

          – the National Standard Framework for Higher Education Qualification B.E.2552

          – the Undergraduate Curriculum Standard Criteria B.E.2558

          – identity of graduate students of Institute of Nursing

          – expect and requirement of stakeholders including graduated nursing students, current nursing students, alumni, instructors, executives, and healthcare consumers gained from group meeting and interview channels

          – change of society, economy, and educational trends in the 21st century

By considering the mentioned standard criteria and stakeholders’ requirement, Institute of Nursing formulated eight following objectives for students to achieve according to the program learning outcomes:

          1) possess service mind, ethics of nursing profession, and cultural sensitivity, and abide by the law;

          2) possess competence in nursing science and related knowledge;

          3) possess problem-solving skill with appropriate consciousness based on evidence-based practice;

          4) possess social and adaptability skills;

          5) possess communicative skill in Thai and English languages for use in work implementation and daily lives;

          6) possess nursing skill for performing work by taking consideration of consumer’s safety;

          7) be able to use technology, innovation, and information in providing healthcare service; and

          8)demonstrate nursing professionalism, leadership, and competence in nursing management

  1.  Admission requirements

          1) Applicants earn high school graduates or equivalent certificate in science and mathematics program.

          2) Applicants demonstrate good manner.

          3) Applicants have no physical and mental impairment, severe communicable diseases or disorders that possibly affect the studying.

          4) Applicants possess other desirable characteristics determined by Suranaree University of Technology.