Institute of Nursing believes that graduated nursing students need to possess four key factors of knowledge consisting of Humanware, Orgaware, Infoware, and Technoware in order to obtain competence, virtue, and morality as well as strictly follow ethics of nursing profession, have life skills, and develop potential in providing nursing service to people, family and community.  The service provided by graduated nursing students requires both frontier technology and humanized healthcare principles for health promotion, medical treatment, health rehabilitation, and palliative care so that people of all ages will develop healthiness and live happy lives in the multicultural society.

          Institute of Nursing aims to become the academic institution with international standard.  The institute also aims to place great emphasis on evidence-based practice application, research conduct, innovation development, and knowledge transfer in producing qualified nursing students, improving nursing standard in Thailand, conserving arts and culture, and providing academic service to the society.  When the aims are accomplished, the institute will have society accountability and wide acceptance by both national and international organizations.


          Excellent Academic Institute in Nursing Science Providing Healthiness to the Public to Become the Health Sustainable Society


          Institute of Innovation


          Technology Nursing Graduates with Knowledge, Moral Ethos, Wisdom, and Dignity


Institute of Nursing establishes six following missions as implementation guidelines which comply with SUT missions:

  1. instruct students to become professional nurses to meet requirement of the country and the overseas;
  2. conduct research and innovation to provide healthcare service to the public;
  3. modify, transfer, and develop innovation in healthcare management;
  4. provide education service of subjects which meets requirement of community and society;
  5. conserve regional and national arts, culture, and environment; and
  6. use academic freedom and apply good governance principles in organizational management

Core values:

          □ Excellence

          □ Accountability

          □ Integrity

          □ Originality

          □ Social Accountability

Core competencies:

  1. instructional management and knowledge transfer
  2. research implementation
  3. integrity of instruction with academic or research service
  4. development of instructional innovation and academic service for technology modification and transfer