Institute of Nursing consists of eight sectors including Dean’s Office, School of Nursing Management (Fundamental of Nursing), School of Adult and Elderly Nursing, School of Psychiatric Nursing, School of Pediatric and Adolescent Nursing, School of Family Health and Midwifery Nursing, School of Community Health Nursing, and Department of Research (according to Announcement of Suranaree University of Technology on division of Suranaree University of Technology sections (No.10) B.E.2561).

Administration structure and chart

          Institute of Nursing authorizes the Dean to be responsible for administration and the Vice Dean for work tasks assigned by the Dean.  Head of School and Chair of Department of Research are responsible for the School and/or Department administration.  Head of the Dean’s Office assists the Dean in administrative management of work tasks such as budget and plan, educational quality assurance, documentary as well as supports the Institute implementation to accomplish the established missions such as in instruction, research, academic service, arts and cultural conservation, etc.

          The institute authorizes the Administrative Committee of Institute of Nursing to implement administrative and academic work of the institute and be responsible for other work tasks assigned by the SUT University Council, the SUT Academic Senate, or the SUT Rector.  The committee is composed of the Dean, the Vice Dean, Head of School, Chair of Department of Research, and two representatives of instructors in which one of the representatives is the secretary and the Head of The Dean’s Office is the vice secretary.